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The Art of Remembering

I was at the library with my children and I happened upon a book containing stories of Greek Gods and Demi-Gods. As I began to read the introduction I came across a story about Zeus and Mnem-oh-syn-e. She is the Muse of Memory and became the mother to the Nine Muses: Calliope (Epic Poerty), Clio […]

Cultivating a Culture of Listening

The fear to speak.  The fear to stand up and say something in opposition.  Is it in the speaking of the thought? Or is it more in the fear of how the thought will be received? Or perceived? How our image may change because of how or why we have expressed something. The culture of […]

“Letting go is frightening…”

…because you don’t know how you will come out.  In letting go, the outcome is suddenly out of your control.  How you will look, or what you will say, becomes unpredictable.  The action of release opens parts of you that have been closed up by experiences, traumas, or events that have occurred over the span […]

Being “On Body” is as essential to acting as being “On Voice”

“Being ‘on body’ is as essential to acting as being ‘on voice’” – in conversation with Shona Morris In detecting movement, the eye captures every physical action, gesture, and response. At both conscious and subconscious levels, the brain immediately begins to contextualize and frame a narrative. A relationship is born. We are engaged. In every […]